English as a Foreign Language


English as a Foreign Language (EFL) or English as an Additional Language (EAL) is a booming industry around the world, especially in China. The Cambridge and Trinity TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) courses act as “global passports” whereby graduates receive a solid qualification to teach English to non-native speakers. Hong Kong is saturated with English teachers, usually laymen attempting their first foray beyond their home country. Often, it is frustrating and difficult for parents and students to assess the competence of their teachers.

We temper the rigidity of TESOL-style instruction with our nurturing of independent thinkers

BartyED’s tutors teach effectively and with measurable results. What makes us a cut above the rest is our educational philosophy: our EFL experts are tutors first, and TESOL-qualified English teachers second. This means that although we are informed by the mainstream standard of English instruction in TESOL, we apply the BartyED teaching methodology first and foremost. We take the background, needs, and diagnostics of our students into account in order to design a personalized learning programme. Our private lessons allow us to work intensively and cover ground expansively in order to improve student’s English as effectively as possible. We temper the rigidity of TESOL-style instruction with our nurturing of independent thinkers; English to us is a skill, not a subject. Thankfully, its broad nature allows us to appeal to students' interests which guarantees an engaging and enlightening lesson.

There are two crucial aspects to a BartyED English tutor in Hong Kong. The first is a solid grounding in the current methodologies of English foreign language instruction. The second, which determines the crucial qualification of our tutors, is a deeper understanding of education as a way of life. Our experience is not only rooted in paid lessons; our team has international experience across the globe, from West Africa to the Middle East, teaching English and learning the local languages. These experiences, which inform both our teaching methods and philosophy, set us apart from monolingual, inward-looking teachers. English is indeed the international language of business, and it is the language we speak best.