Early Learners (7-11)


All children should finish their primary education with a solid foundation in the three Rs: reading, writing, and arithmetic. This is the foundation which allows students to work and learn independently in secondary school. Sadly, too many primary programmes seem to have lost focus on teaching the building blocks which make such a transition possible.


The very nature of our academic ethos is that we recognise a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely effective

At BartyED we believe strongly in benchmarks. These are not designed to put undue pressure on children -- on the contrary, the very nature of our academic ethos is that we recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely effective.  By enforcing basic standards for reading, writing and maths for our early learners, and helping them learn how to achieve them, we nurture confident, self-reliant students who understand the value of education.   


Our individualised programmes for early learners cover the foundations of reading, written language & mathematics as well as public speaking, presentation and debate skills. We also support additional language acquisition for early learners with Mandarin, French, Spanish, German at native and non-native levels as well as classical languages (e.g. Latin) which students can pursue as an interest subject and also in preparation for US or UK preparatory schools.   


There is no shortage of English-language kindergartens and learning centres with native English speakers in Hong Kong; countless employed foreigners teach private lessons with young learners on the side. BartyED differs by leagues from these outfits: our tutors for early learners are not only postgraduate PGDE/TESOL-qualified. They have years of experience in kindergartens, public schools, and in one-to-one private lessons with early learners. The noun “education” is derived from the Latin ex ducere (lit. “to lead out” something inherent). We take this responsibility very seriously.