BartyED: Five Books for Confident Parenting

The range of parenting advice always seems never-ending. Many families come to BartyED when a specific issue has emerged in parent-child communication or to help manage a specific behavioural profile (e.g. a child with ADHD who can be simultaneously disorganised and tenaciously argumentative.) The ultimate purpose of parenting is to raise children who are well-adjusted and whom we hope will contribute to society in a meaningful way. Parents often beat themselves up over what they perceive are their fundamental faults as parents: we always advise clients to remember former Poet Laureate Phillip Larkin's comic conclusion to "This be the verse."

Parenting which is consistent, fair and self-aware should always be the ultimate aim. All that being said, there are certain resources and information which can make parenting easier, especially for tackling so-called "problem" behaviours. BartyED receives no gratuity for endorsing these works. Some have a more psychological bent and provide illuminating case studies, especially in the case of the Oliver James. Others provide "how-to guides" for key conversations with people of all ages. We feel they all help parents become more confident and can assist in the emotional development of children and teenagers.