The Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SAT) and American College Testing (ACT) are standardized tests used for admission to university in the United States. The tests are separated into sections such as Reading, Writing, Essay sections and Mathematics, and further segmented into subject tests. As these tests are designed by Americans for the American educational system, students in Hong Kong may have some trouble adapting to them if coming from the British, IB, or local curricula. Students may be familiar with the format of multiple choice and other conventions for the tests if they took the PSAT. Performance in these tests usually determines placement at top US universities, despite a recent movement to give standardized tests less weighting in US universities.

BartyED’s tutors for the SAT and ACT are second to none

As with most other standardized tests, the ACT/SATs examine the student’s ability to implement test-specific reasoning and language skills, conventions which must be memorized and consolidated before the test. Whereas the mathematics and sciences sections are usually straightforward, the language sections are intentionally tricky and misleading. In many cases, a perfect score hinges on knowledge of an obscure American English-specific literary convention or even the whims of the examiners; as such, mentoring and learning support are crucial for successful performance. Having a tutor to learn relevant content is crucial. Thankfully, with BartyED, prospective students have particular advantages.

BartyED’s tutors for the SAT and ACT are second to none. Their intimate knowledge of both the American educational system, and their unique cultural and linguistic context that is so vital for perfect marks on these tests, ensure they are a cut above the rest. Our holistic educational philosophy means (despite the obvious temptation to do otherwise) that we want our students to understand and replicate the knowledge we expect from them; simple memorization is neither sufficient nor sustainable. Regardless of how little the test answers make sense at first, BartyED’s educational consultants persist in decoding tricky areas and explaining the logic of questions until mastery is achieved. This sets us apart from other US test prep centers. We recognize that every question is governed by a rule and teach students to recognize them, rather than training students to guess and eliminate. For the best Hong Kong has to offer in SAT and ACT preparation, contact BartyED today.