IB Middle Years Programme


The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) is a five-year programme for students aged 11-16 intended to prepare learners for the IB Diploma Programme. Its eight subjects, which some students only take six of in their last years, are segmented as follows: Language Acquisition (e.g. Mandarin); Language and Literature (e.g. English); Individuals and Societies (e.g. History); Sciences (e.g. Chemistry); Mathematics; Arts; Physical/Health Education; and Design. Students receive marks out of 8 for each subject. The programme attempts a holistic, “big-picture” educational methodology which has a steep learning curve for students transferring from other curricula. MYP has changed, sometimes drastically, over the years; BartyED tutors regularly liaise with MYP teachers and students to appreciate those changes and account for them in our structured programmes. BartyED’s IB tutors have their pulse on changes in the curriculum and have years of experience designing curricula of their own.

BartyED’s IB tutors have their pulse on changes in the curriculum

Parents and students alike reach out to BartyED regarding the MYP’s opaque learning outcomes and criteria-based marking system. Homework sometimes seems incoherent and difficult to complete. Students are often left wondering how they could possibly improve their grades while grappling with the couching of terms in new vocabulary and different contexts. Parents, students, and even teachers are not alone in these concerns.

BartyED’s experienced MYP tutors are able to address this by elucidating the basic principles and learning methodologies of the MYP, a crucial skill which liberates students to perform to the best of their ability. In BartyED’s structured programmes, our tutors raise their students from the bottom quartile to the upper quartile in a matter of months (in a non-intensive programme) or weeks (in an intensive programme).