Common Entrance (11+/13+)


Parents across Hong Kong send their children to more independent UK schools than any other country in the world. The vast majority of these schools use Common Entrance exams graded at two levels: 11+ and 13+. Students will usually sit 11+ exams in the Spring term of Year 6, with 13+ taking place also in the Spring term of Year 8. For an assurance of success, students should begin tuition one year before the exam, since students in Hong Kong schools are often around twelve months behind the level of most academic UK preparatory schools. The exams are designed by a board consisting of the heads of three UK educational associations, and the results are marked by the target school. 11+ candidates sit examinations for English, Mathematics, and Science and 13+ candidates sit additional papers selected from a wide range of subjects. Not all independent schools use these standardized tests; some design their own. Nonetheless, there is a standardized system of sending these papers abroad, so that students in Hong Kong may take the Common Entrance in their own schools, via the British Council, or through BartyED.  

BartyED has a consistent track record of successful placements in UK schools, including Wellington, Westminster, Wycombe and Winchester

The Common Entrance exam has lost prominence in the last decade and many schools these days place more weight on pre-assessment tests. Nonetheless, a strong performance in CE remains vital for many Hong Kong students. BartyED has a consistent track record of successful placements in UK schools, including Wellington, Westminster, Wycombe and Winchester. Although we offer Skype lessons to distant learners, our strength lies in the fact that our tutors meet students face-to-face and are able to progress in leaps through intensive, guided revision. We have successfully mentored countless students because our tutors are second to none. We recognize the difference between the ends and the means; we are flexible in our lessons to accommodate students’ individual interests and sensibilities. BartyED’s rigorous tuition is results-oriented and we place high value on tutor-client relationships, preferring to establish long term relationships to act not only as grade-boosters, but mentors and role models.  

For our 11/13+ tuition, we start with an assessment lesson which determines the strengths and weaknesses of the student. This is also important to make sure that tutor and student are a good match; we place particular emphasis on building rapport with our students, since if they become disengaged and resentful of the lesson, they will retain much less information. Our expert tutors draw on the BartyED library for 11/13+ preparation, while liaising with our educational psychology team and Managing Director to ensure the course we assemble for your son or daughter makes the most out of the limited time and ensures successful placement.