International A-Levels (IAL) present challenges to students in sixth form (Year 12 & 13) with a mixture of examination styles. Some courses remain modular which means students sit AS or A2 exams at the end of both years. Others -- the updated linear courses -- follow the same structure as IGCSE with examinations at the end of the second year. Students normally take three or four A-Levels and may take an additional fifth or even sixth interest subject in Year 12 subject to their interest, aptitude and availability. They are marked on a scale from A* through to E.   

A-Levels traditionally require a much deeper engagement with the discipline, rewarding critical thinking, analysis and evaluation. This is as true in the Sciences as it is in the Humanities; as a result, many students struggle with content and exam technique for longer-response and/or essay questions.   

BartyED tutors are experienced in helping students master exam technique and content. We support all the major exam boards and offer intensive revision programmes during the Chinese New Year, Easter and Summer holidays each year. Our A-level tutors take a more consultative approach with their students, reviewing content where necessary, supporting exam technique and mentoring their students to achieve exam success.