Advanced Placement (AP)


Advanced Placement is an American programme managed by the College Board which offers college-level curricula and examinations to high school students. The number of AP exams administered every year has consistently risen in the past decade, with English Language and Composition the most popular course. AP exams and qualifications are offered on an exam-only basis, which means students do not need to be enrolled in any individual course to take the exams. AP subjects are equivalent to Higher Level IB courses in their demands of scholarship from students; its liberal restrictions on enrollment, however, usually means students have less guidance on these exams than they would otherwise have in other systems. Each subject is marked on a scale of 1 to 5 with the latter denoting a perfect score.

AP tutoring in Hong Kong usually fails to account for the uniqueness of both the student and the subject studied

BartyED AP tutors teach all the major courses sat by Hong Kong students including but not limited to: Biology, Calculus (AB & BC), Chemistry, English (Language and Literature), Environmental Science, French, Government & Politics (US/Comp.), History (US/World), Physics (all) and Psychology. AP students often need support, especially if sitting as Sophomores or Juniors. Previous academic assessment has been continuous, so many students have no understanding of how to prepare for a heavily-weighted written examination. AP courses are traditionally broad with only a fraction of content tested on the examination, which creates further difficulty. Students may also struggle to score highly in essay-based subjects without help tailoring their longer responses to the mark scheme.

AP tutoring in Hong Kong usually fails to account for the uniqueness of both the student and the subject studied. BartyED AP tutors are different: our international backgrounds have exposed us to the different methods that teachers across the world use to coach students for AP exams; our years of mentoring students around Hong Kong means we understand the unique learning and emotional factors that impact exam performance, and how to nurture and mitigate them; finally, since our expert tutors regularly liaise with each other and our Managing Director, your child will undergo a structured programme of study that has been vetted by our subject specialists and educational psychologists.